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Episode #3

From playing football to an established startup with Vedran Rasic

Making something meaningful and achieving success takes time — about 10 years, says Vedran Rasic, the CEO of Leaddelta and our guest in the COING Podcast this Friday. 

Although born in Croatia, Vedran now lives between 2 countries and 3 cities — Ottawa, Toronto, and Belgrade — but admits it can be hard at times. He played football professionally as a child and almost became famous for it but life had other plans for him. 

Although his first business failed, Vedran kept his spirits up and didn’t give up because as he himself says — good things take time. Even though his second business, a startup company called Leaddelta, was founded only in 2020, it’s been operating successfully ever since. 

“It takes 7 to 10 years to make something meaningful so you can climb up to the next stage.”

The third episode of the COING Podcast will have you rethink your priorities and motivate you to give up on giving up. We will be discussing the downsides of living between continents, explaining why it’s paramount that you always have a plan B, learning how important the hiring process is for making amazing teams, and finding out how to recognize the signs of burnout. 

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