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Episode #2

Discussing dream jobs, AI, and IT recruitment with Michal Juhas

How hard is it to attract and retain top IT professionals?

What’s it like to interview developers? 

How can excellent copywriting help IT recruiters get to the right candidates?

Michal Juhas is the Co-Founder at Global Talents Hub and an expert in tech recruitment with years of experience in helping companies recruit top IT talent. 

Being aware of the hardships most IT recruiters face when looking for the perfect candidate, Michal has devoted a lot of time to creating resources they could use to improve their interview process. This includes ebooks, video courses, and comprehensive training programs.

Thanks to his experience in the IT industry, Michal knows what it takes to interview candidates — he can easily pinpoint common mistakes both interviewers and interviewees make during interviews. One of the things he recommends to companies is to avoid generic job descriptions and highlight other, appealing aspects of the job itself. 

“There will be definitely more AI, more automation. We may be scared of it but if we embrace it now without the fear of AI replacing us completely — but rather augmenting or improving our workflow — that’s a good thing.” 

In the second episode of the COING Podcast, we dive deep into the complexities and future of IT recruitment, discuss the use of AI in the recruitment process, and learn why developers enjoyed working remotely even before the pandemic.

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