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COING is founded by Nenad Milanović, with the goal to help other startups develop their products.


An email update arrives announcing a price increase in the time tracking software we were using at the time. There is a light bulb moment, and we decide to make a tool by ourselves, for ourselves.


We realize our time tracker has potential, and that more people should have access to something so useful, yet free. And so in September, we make Clockify public so everyone can use it! Already in its first baby week, it had over 17.000 registered users!


2018 - We launch our first paid plans for Clockify.


Clockify celebrates its second year with over 1,000,000 registered users and new enterprise features.


The pandemic hits, and the team goes full remote for the year. Still, we work tirelessly to make Clockify as stable as ever, in a very unstable time. Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal take notice of Clockify, and sort COING as one of the best startups to invest in 2020. We launch Pumble, a brand new team chat app for business that need a more affordable Slack alternative.


COING is growing more than ever, with 200+ employees.
We launch Plaky, a brand new project management app for businesses that need to better organize their tasks and processes.


Biljana Rakić

VP of Human Capital

Jovana Kandić

VP of Customer Experience

Aleksandar Olić

VP of Marketing

Ljubomir Simin

VP of Engineering @Clockify

Marko Marić

VP of Growth

Miloš Jovanović

VP of Engineering @Plaky

Nenad Milanović

Founder & CEO

Nikola Bosić

VP of Engineering @Pumble

Nikola Nešković

VP of Sales

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